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Sally Fernandez is a novelist of provocative political thrillers that twists facts with fiction. Author of “The Simon Tetralogy” and the new “Max Ford Thriller” focuses on contemporary unvarnished political facts in a fast paced
fictional setting.

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America Out Loud


Novelist Sally Fernandez Talks Washington Redemption.

Another crisis loomed with the U.S. government reporting the national debt at a staggering $22 trillion. With entitlement programs on the verge of becoming insolvent, foreclosures again on the rise, and social unrest continuing to permeate the airwaves, the U.S. braced herself once again. It is April 2017 and the newly-elected president faces a country in crisis. The paucity of employment, the rising support for global governance, and the decline in America’s stature was causing unrest in the streets. The president’s chosen course was to assemble some of the country’s best minds to offer solutions.

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This is Malcolm Out Loud
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The Tim Donnelly Show

Novelist Sally Fernandez talks about portraying conservatives in a true light.

On this Friday edition of the Tim Donnelly Show, Tim discusses the SCOTUS decision on same sex marriage. Novelist Sally Fernandez joins the show to talk about how she portrays conservatives in a true light in her books.

The Tim Donnelly Show, where it doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat, only whether or not you’re an American, no one cares if you are rich or poor, as long as you pay your own way, and the color of your skin is of no consequence here, the only colors that matter to us are the red, white and blue.

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