TODAY, I officially began The Ultimate Revenge. After spending the last week weeding through a myriad of documents, bullet points, scraps of paper, paragraphs of dialogue for unassigned chapters, I'm finally ready to conclude "The Simon Trilogy." If you're not yet, despairingly trying to [...]

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  Last week Joe and I celebrated thirty-four years together...okay, it was our twenty-sixth wedding anniversary, but you gals know that you have to add in the time invested! It was a beautiful sunny day, and as I headed off for an appointment, I noticed [...]

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  Of course, you've been checking my blog weekly! And you've noticed that I've been off the airwaves the last few weeks. I can’t promise it won’t happen again, especially when life takes hold or one of my characters demands my time but I will [...]

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  Lot's to say and no time to say it! I'm in midst of a packing frenzy...tomorrow we leave for our home in Italy. Once we arrive and settle in, I will HAPPILY begin the third book of The Simon Trilogy, at which point, I [...]

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  This has floated around for years. You've probably seen it a myriad of times. But each time I follow the instructions for this seemingly, silly exercise, it leaves me with an eerie sense of calm. And as if on cue, I find myself reflecting [...]

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  Budget sequestration is a procedure in United States law that limits the size of the federal budget. Sequestration involves setting a hard cap on the amount of government spending with broadly-defined categories; if Congress enacts annual appropriations legislation that exceeds these caps, an across-the-board [...]

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  Yesterday, I took time out from proofing Noble's Quest for the last time before going to press, and committed to booking our flights back to our home in Italy. Being beholden to American Airlines…having over a million miles…okay, Joe has over two million… In [...]

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  Last night, while enjoying a glass of wine together, Joe asked, “So what does this upcoming week look like?” In my usual anal-retentive style, I laid it out. “Monday I’ll be receiving the printed proof for Brotherhood Beyond the Yard, which you’ll need to [...]

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  Washington D.C. has become the "Financial Capital" of the world. Whether you are a Foxiphile or Hannity Disapprover...I don't care for the word behooves you to watch "Boom Town" a Hannity special. This expose is a hard-hitting explanation on how the lack of [...]

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  Today is Martin Luther King's birthday and the day we officially celebrate the peaceful transition of the presidency. The symbolism of this day and the sense of pride I feel for our democracy is not lost, but I can't help focus on the expensive [...]

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  This is where my career as a writer began, sitting on the wall with the beautiful historic center of Florence spread before me and the eleventh century Basilica of San Miniato al Monte, complete with a bishop’s palace, at my back. The Florentines often [...]

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