Yesterday was a momentous day! After a year of 24/7, Climatized, the first novel in a Max Ford Thriller series, was released. But it was also the culmination of eight years of writing and producing five novels. Fortunately, my husband is also my editor, so it was a journey we [...]

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Some say change is good, some say a new beginning or a fresh new start is great...but all at the same time! I love a challenge, especially weaving my characters in and out of various fictional plots. But weaving my time in and out of various [...]

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  ARE YOU MILDLY CURIOUS AS TO MY RELATIVE SILENCE? If so, I can provide the reason in one word...   D E S tarting last May, Joe, my loving husband and editor, was hit with a series of medical issues. And for a man who [...]

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  If you've wondered why I've been relatively silent, just know I haven't been idle. A few months ago, at the behest of my publisher, David Dunham, I engaged the Nice Branding Agency to help give me a makeover.  At our first meeting, I announced [...]

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  Hopefully, you've noticed I've been silent over the last month. No—I've not been busy trying to get on the Obamacare Website or recovering from cosmetic surgery. And preparing for the New York City Marathon has taken a back seat because—I have been diligently working [...]

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